A story about my first book — starting moment

This article is part of a series of posts, describing the journey of my book. Today I reflect on the moment when I decided to write it. I am sure each of us might have different calls and a different urge to take a pen or touch a keyboard. Still, I hope all writing souls will recognize the echoes of their path in my thoughts.

As far as I remember me, I was always writing short notes to my friends, reflecting on my thoughts in my diaries and later sharing short stories on various poetry websites on the internet. Noticing the world around me was always my way to grow, to understand and to find solutions. In other words, attempts to give shape to my thoughts were not new for me.

However, none around me was writing books. Not so many around me were having hobbies or activities after a working day. I grew with a good example, how my parents and grandparents were dedicated to a job they had, sometimes working multiple shifts at a hospital. Afterward, all attention was given to home, cooking or cleaning, growing me and my sister, doing various small tasks around a house. There was simply no time for more activities.

Thus, I was writing for myself and my closest friends. Till last summer. Summer of 2019. It was a warm afternoon after a hot day, and I found myself looking at the rooftops of Zurich from the window of my office building. The slightly visible touches of autumn, that was about to come, raised the familiar nostalgy to try to describe a life. I was seeing trees on the hill nearby and knowing, that next spring the trees will turn green again. It is only us, living creatures, who have only one spring in our lives. I have started to long to this place, even if I was still here.

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View from my office window

And then it clicked in me: I want to express all thoughts, that I experience, out loud. I want to guide me and my readers in such moments, encouraging them to ask for more. Daring to taste life in different colors and notice the beauty around. Face questions, that rise inside each of us, with a light touch of a smile. Accepting the questions, even if the answer scares us.

What was different this time, that I decided to create a book, and not another post on social media? I think that was a match of few circumstances, different flows of energy meeting together. First, I had time. I had full freedom to choose what I do with my mornings, evenings, weekends and sleepless nights. I was the one, shaping my day and deciding, where I invest my efforts. And most days, even after intensive working hours, I was fit enough to concentrate on writings. Second, I was and still am blessed with the lively, professional and encouraging environment in Zurich. Being surrounded by people, who are doing extraordinary things. People, following their passion. People, opening their business. People sharing knowledge and skills. My LeanIn teammates, whole Lean In community and my Friends, coming to Zurich from multiple countries, are the greatest example, how life should be taken care of.

The message I was hearing from each of you was straight forward: follow your passion, follow your heart, but equip yourself with good tools and supportive surroundings. Thank you for that.

In the next post, I will invite you to look at my disputes with myself, why I want and should publish a book. Before starting, I wanted to be sure, what energy is driving me and what I hope to achieve.

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You could find more info about my book on all amazon instances https://amzn.to/3c6u4DA or, if you are in Switzerland, at my book shop http://bit.ly/39GbErS.

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