Book that makes a mind hungry

The Book, that woke up strong feelings inside me. That left my mind extremely hungry. Hungry for ideas, knowledge and exposure to be challenged.

The Book, that reminded me, how I adore discussions, conversations and arguments. Digging into books till late evening to get the point. To get new insights to be shared later. To sip tea or beer and grow richer after each interaction with another soul.

The Book, that revealed, how I missed to be challenged. And how I love to challenge others.

Eli Shafak. Three Daughters of Eve.

That is the kind of Book, steeling free minutes of time from a day and allowing to take a glance at complicated characters. Disputes in the family, society, university and inside ones mind. Switching topics between religion, love, hate, politics and friendship.

In daily life, either happy, either complicated, such reminders are necessary. Such books are necessary. To keep us Awake. Aware. Hungry.

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