Books and More: Fine readings club opened!

To all the book lovers!

We, two cousins, Evelina and Monika, are welcoming you to join our club “Books and More: Fine readings”! 📚

This book club is open to people from different cultures, with a different attitude toward literature and life, aiming to experience the richness of literature. Nothing beats sharing a wide variety of takes on good literature — we’re looking forward to bringing our enjoyment of books together.🙂🔥🤗

📚We invite you to read at least 12 with care and dedication selected books per year. The freedom, to choose if you want to participate each month or skip a book, is always yours!

How does it work? Three simple steps:
👉Book: The author and title of the month is selected. Each month an author from a different country is chosen.
👉Enjoyment: Club members have around a month of time to read it. Facebook group is open to be used to share quotes and thoughts, that appear while going through pages
👉Sharing: Final discussion online, about impact, ideas, feelings and doubts the book brought into your life.
👉Start with joining our FB group:

💡1st book to be announced on 1st of October!

Welcome to our fine readings!🤝
Evelina and Monika


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Evelina Rimkute

Evelina Rimkute


Test manager, team lead, bookworm, writer and lifelong learner, traveler, passionate about new ideas and history. or