Do not wait alone for a risk to come true

Testing is about reducing risks. Testing is about providing information for confidence. Testing… All go around risk, that stakeholders try to minimize while investing into testing.

However, quite often I witness situations, when test analyst, test executor or even test manager do not communicate potential risk effectively. I must admit, within new projects I am also not immune to this traps.

In their heads testers foreseen many things, that could go wrong. Starting from vague requirements, short deadlines, not stable environments, too junior colleagues, finishing with unrealistic expectations from project stakeholders or need for EndToEnd Test. That is what we are fore, to identify weakest links and point out at them. Firmly and professionally.

Indeed, escalation is what makes the biggest difference. We must master professionalism while supporting our arguments for risk. We must not allow others to convince us to believe something will be good. Experience shows, all this is tricky. It is always a tendency to try to shoot the messenger.

The worst thing a tester could do is not to share his/her insights at all. Wait till last day and say, that it is not enough time to execute important tests. Read the same vague business specification and raise defects only in system test. Work overtime each day and take a sick leaves afterwards due to stress.

Do not wait alone and quite for the risk to come true. Inform your test manager. Inform company quality assurance lead if you need help. Make sure project manager is aware of the risks. Share. This is what you are paid for!

As a side effect, the more you do, the more professional you will get at it :)

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