If you are, as many of us, staying at home, dealing with changes in your life due to a small but powerful virus, called Corona, I would like to remind you, what you know deep inside:

You are meant to withstand the storms.

All you need is to take time to feel small and beautiful things around you. Value each small steps, that you take. As no tomorrow is guaranteed, each day matters. Each morning matters. And I want to encourage you to take time and start each day mindfully…..

The magic of the morning

We come back from the night journey. Back from our inner world.
Dreams are fading. Beautiful ones, scary ones, crazy ones — all are disappearing
with first hours of the day.
It is the time when the decisions are made.

What our day will be like?
How we live our real dream today?
Which presents we are bringing to the world?
How I will feel about myself today?

Try to remember — we shine even when it rains.

More: https://amzn.to/2YvxNEY or bit.ly/39GbErS

Test manager, team lead, bookworm, writer and lifelong learner, traveler, passionate about new ideas and history. https://amzn.to/2YvxNEY or bit.ly/39GbErS

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