These are two different activities. Test that system meets the requirements and check, that system responds correctly to inputs. Testing covers reviews, talks, analysis, risk escalation and many more. Checking requires following a script, checking boundary inputs, verifying the behavior.

In my experience, to succeed and speed up with fast delivery market, it is a must to automate checking. Systems are perfect to check variable inputs, responses, compare results or simple open all links. In addition, that enables people to spent their time on testing various non easy checkable flows. People also could do more integration test between modules or systems. This is why they earn solid amount of money — for genius in testing and in supporting checking. Not visa versa!

Testing vs checking mindset could be the solid ground when deciding and convincing remaining team to move to more automated quality assurance. The progress in manufacture came with tools doing manual job faster. There are hardly a reason why this should not continue in IT.

Be there, be with the flow of progress and let your test team grow!

I am looking forward to growing together with testing community and sharing my experience. If you liked my ideas, please consider supporting my time:

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