The deschooling idea in a few minutes

This week brought into my podcast list an amazing topic — deschooling our lives and our minds by Zak Slayback and Jeff Till (Please find the podcast here). I felt like many years of my thoughts about our education system just got proper names and were sorted out to get some clarity. There are so many aspects that could and should be taken care of when we decide to free ourselves up from more than 15000 hours of school impact on our mindset.

As we need to start somewhere, I decided to summarize main takeaways here, both for me and for my readers. Thou I start simple with the list, I feel that this podcast changed my life. I will continue looking for a chance to jump in the train of changes and contribute towards a more creative society.

School damages us while building provisional self-esteem, ie:

  • We do not have developed a relationship with yourself. During school years we do not practise making meaningful decisions for your life, finding meaning and fulfilment.

School is usually an example of bad use of time, ie:

  • The rhythms of school do not meet our natural sleep rhythms. It only prepares us for the upcoming drill in life to stand up early. We learn to believe we are not in control in our schedule and the ability to manage our own life and time are restricted from the first grade.

The school builds intellectual and social dependency, ie:

  • The entire state is designed to take a vacation at the same time. We need to ask permission to take our kids to vacation for a few days, and quite often the answer is no

Standard school is poor preparedness for adultness, ie:

  • Learned topics are not combined with the real-life needs

How to deschool yourself?

I would say this is also a very personal and individual question. However, the podcast moderators and guests suggested few tips, where to start. I was relieved to hear that none is offering to sell the house, drop the job and just go to build Lego blocks. We still stay in our lives, watch out for more options for our kids, build those new options, work with our mindsets and look to put creativity into everyday activities. For example:

  • Allow one hour each day doing things for fun, exploring or learning something without real financial purpose. Give yourself one hour per day during something for fun and for your curiosity. Let yourself experiment, thus freeing your mind and raising new ideas.

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