When majority is wrong

You watch all sugary drinks and candies in the shops, shelves loaded with them, potential sugar load to your body, And you find yourself wondering: they could not be so harmful, people are selling and buying them in enormous quantities. It should be verified and meet all health requirements. I could eat this too!

And then you got diabetes.

You watch the financial markets trends, going optimism and all the CDE’s, Mortgage based securities. Rating agencies praise them. Investment funds and even your colleague buy them. You find yourself thinking: they must be right. So many people could not be wrong. These financial instruments should be secure investment. I will buy them too.

And then financial crisis comes.

You watch the post sharing game in your government. You follow the election campaign and hear all people almost worshiping the new leader, new hero or new party, which is going to defect them. To protect them. To fix mistakes, done by old folks. And you try to believe, they could be able to achieve it. They are strong. They have a voice. They trust what they say. People trust them and will give them more seats in the parliament. You vote for leaders.

And then the war comes.

Test manager, team lead, bookworm, writer and lifelong learner, traveler, passionate about new ideas and history. https://amzn.to/2YvxNEY or bit.ly/39GbErS

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