This article is part of a series of posts, describing the journey of my book. Today I reflect on the moment when I decided to write it. I am sure each of us might have different calls and a different urge to take a pen or touch a keyboard. Still, I hope all writing souls will recognize the echoes of their path in my thoughts.

Today I invite you to look at my disputes with myself, why I want and why I should publish a book. Before starting, I wanted to be sure, what energy is driving me and what I hope to achieve.

First, for me it did not matter if it is a book, a song, a quote or a webpage article — I love sharing ideas. I have a strong inner urge to shout out loud about new things I encounter. Sometimes outside my world, sometimes inside my world. I share and I create a space for a discussion. I invite my friends to reflect on the topic together with me, to add more colours and more feelings to something, what at first glance looked like nothing.

Second, I was seeking for words to describe the world, circumstances, joy, pain or any other experience, that fills my days. I needed to describe the current life, the way I see it. It was like the source of power trying to get out. And then I noticed, that I am walking through the day and describing events, facts or surroundings in the lines of poetry. The life was full of stories, memories, pulsing with feelings and never-ending hope to meet each day with thankfulness. Putting all those experiences in a book was a promise to my own life to live it fully.

Third, I was sure, that millions of people were in similar stages in their lives, feeling the power of growth, feeling the power of being here and now, standing strong on the earth and raising eyes into the far away. I wanted to describe the world for those, who are looking at reflections of their thoughts in their surroundings. I wanted to reach people and tell them, that they should continue their journey through life and experience it fully. I wanted to reach out to people to tell the story, how life could be mysterious, magical and real the same time. The world, in which we are living each day, each hour and each second. That wish was strong enough to collect the writings on the paper, into my first book.

And when the author is ready for the journey, then it is time to start writing.

To tell the story in order to build steps, a bridge between current life to your next chapter. To connect a potential reader with the history that she or he did not know yet but will figure out on the pages of the book.
If we write poetry, we touch our heart with feelings, which are hidden between a few shy lines. If we write novels, we connect multiple lifelines, in order to hold a mirror for the readers.

Each writing it is an invitation for a journey.

In the next post, I will write about the importance of the routine and the defined rules, in order to complete a book.

You could find more info about my book on all amazon instances or, if you are in Switzerland, at my book shop

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