IT Software development and delivery live today live their best years. It is an integral part of every financial, insurance, merchandise, logistics, or online activity around the world. And each of us — users of webpages, apps, software, online services — have a very good notion of what kind of…

Break it, if you have to.
But make sure to collect broken pieces.

🤗 Another poem just found a way to my reader's heart.

It is almost a year since I have published my first book 📖. It opened a new world of publishing, being vulnerable while sharing my thoughts…

Books and More: Fine readings club opened!

To all the book lovers!

We, two cousins, Evelina and Monika, are welcoming you to join our club “Books and More: Fine readings”! 📚

This book club is open to people from different cultures, with a different attitude toward literature and life, aiming…

Back in Autumn

And I will be back in autumn.

Where your leaves are matured, colorful, and not so strong anymore.

When your heart remembers the heat of the summer and longs for September rain.

When your skin has been burned so many times that you have only scars for…

KPI… Key Performance Indicator. Such a popular shortening, used in almost every organisation, talked in every 2nd meeting at and traced by millions of brains around the world. Be it IT, be it production factory, be it delivery company. We all are measuring our output and performance against our target…

This article is part of a series of posts, describing the journey of my book. Today I reflect on the moment when I decided to write it. I am sure each of us might have different calls and a different urge to take a pen or touch a keyboard. Still…

Evelina Rimkute

Test manager, team lead, bookworm, writer and lifelong learner, traveler, passionate about new ideas and history. or

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